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Static Welfare/Office Unit

Fusion+ with HL20 Hogloo

The latest concept in 12 Volt technology
delivers cost effective, environmentally efficient, robust and easy to use anti-vandal
site accommodation units

Value Proposition Potential yearly savings for the Fusion+ unit (based on units running 12 hour day and 5 day week)
  • Weighs 4,900 Kg, resulting in reduced haulage costs
  • Minimum fuel savings of up to £5,758
  • CO2 emissions saving of over 40,000 Kg
  • Generator service cost saving of £1,750
  • Potential breakdown costs saving of £1,200
  • Low noise pollution

The Groundhog SWO8200 Fusion Static Welfare Unit offers all the cost effective and environmental features & benefits of the SWO7600 with the added feature of a full flush toilet, waterless urinal and the Hogloo20 waste management system

The SWO8200 is an ideal static unit. It offers anti-vandal features which include steel personnel double locking door systems and internally secured steel window shutters.

The SWO8200 offers not only on-site worker welfare but also offers a separate, spacious office for managerial / administrative personnel.

Fusion+ allows you to utilise the heating, hot water and 12 volt lighting without the need to have the generator running, ideal for security staff on night shifts, reducing fuel also extending service intervals on the generator.

The SWO8200 is ideal for remote locations as it comes with a full flush toilet, a waterless urinal and ceramic basin with warm water. All toilet waste is passed through to the Hogloo20, which can evaporate 20 litres of waste per hour.

  • Spacious, well equipped Canteen / Seating Area
  • Comfortably sits up to 8 people
  • Separate, spacious office
  • Hogloo20 waste management system
  • Meets HSE requirements
Static welfare unit SW5500 Fusion
Welfare Cabin Key features
Accommodating Health & Safety requirements and providing all your on-site needs in one small package.
Welfare Fusion SW8200 Fusion & Fusion+

Welfare Area

  • Pleasant and light rest area
  • Table and bench seating for up to 8 persons
  • 12 Volt L.E.D. Light c/w P.I.R. Sensor
  • Air blown heating system
  • Warm water
  • Microwave/Kettle

Toilet Area

  • Full flush ceramic toilet
  • Waterless urinal
  • Wash basin with warm water and percussion tap
  • 12 Volt L.E.D. lighting complete with PIR sensor
  • Heater vent
  • Paper towel dispenser
  • Mesh waste paper basket
  • D.E.B. Triple hand wash dispenser

Drying Area

  • 12 Volt L.E.D. Lighting
  • Heater vent
  • Coat hooks

Plant Room

  • 6kva silenced power cube generator
  • Fresh Water - 650Ltrs
  • Hogloo20
  • Heater vent
  • 250 litre bunded diesel tank
  • Battery bank with charger system
  • Service engineers control panel

Office Area

  • 12 Volt powered heating system
  • 12 Volt L.E.D. lighting complete with PIR sensor
  • Large notice board & wipe clean board
  • Single 2amp socket
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Click here to see C rated certificate
Fusion range, B rated
Energy Performance Asset Rated
The Fusion range has been Energy Performance Asset Rated which indicates the energy efficiency of the building fabric, heating, cooling and lighting systems ventilation, making it an exceptionally eco friendly welfare unit.


Hogloo 20

Hogloo20 waste management system

Ideal for remote on-site applications, the Hogloo20 is self contained, requiring no connection to drains or outside services.

  • No waste
  • No use of chemicals
  • No disposal
  • No risk of spillage
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • No transportation of waste

Each Hogloo product has the capability of evaporating up to 20 litres of waste per hour making huge cost savings on logistical deployment and disposal of effluent, which also benefits the environment.

For more information visit the Hogloo website

Optional Extras

lighting MastThe unique Hoglift system enables units to be lifted onto vehicles without the operator leaving ground level, contributing to Health and Safety.

View HogLift 2 overview

12V Cool Box

Flush toilet

The Safety Pack consists of:

Fire extinguisher
Fire blanket
Health and safety poster
First aid kit

Solar Panel

Solar PanelSustainable solution for clean and renewable energy for static or mobile welfare units. The Solar Panel maintains batteries at optimum levels.

The Starter Pack consists of :
Paper towels
2 x toilet rolls
Plastic cups
Fresh drinking water
Fresh water for auto wash in canteen
100L of diesel in fuel tank

Welfare Canteen Area
  • Table and bench seating for up to 8 persons
  • Work surface with a stainless steel sink
  • Heater box
  • Warm water through a percussion controlled tap
  • Room thermostat
  • Cool box on timer set for 2 hours
  • Under counter storage
  • Paper towel dispenser
  • Triple hand wash dispenser
  • Microwave
  • Kettle
  • 12 Volt control system
  • 12 Volt L.E.D. lighting complete with PIR sensor
  • Carbon monoxide monitor
  • Smoke alarm
  • Large notice board
  • Operator manual holder
Plant Room
  • 6kva silenced power cube generator
  • Fuel active system
  • Fuel capacity - 200 Ltr
  • Fresh Water - 650Ltrs
  • 12 Volt fuse board c/w Battery Guard
  • Battery location
  • HL20 c/w controls
  • 24 Volt water pump
  • Heater vent
  • 24 Volt Hogloo control board
Toilet Area
  • Flush ceramic toilet
  • Waterless urinal
  • Wash basin with warm water and percussion tap
  • Toilet roll holder
  • 12 Volt L.E.D. lighting complete with PIR sensor
  • Heater vent
  • D.E.B. Triple hand wash dispenser
  • Waste bin
  • Paper towel dispenser
Drying Room
  • 12 Volt L.E.D. lighting complete with PIR sensor
  • Bench seat
  • Coat hooks
  • 12 Volt powered heating system
  • Heater box
  • 12 Volt L.E.D. lighting complete with PIR sensor
  • Large notice board
  • Wipe clean board
  • Single 2amp socket
  • Room thermostat
* Weights and sizes shown may vary slightly.
Groundhog reserve the right to change specification without prior notice
External construction
  • Steel container with side walls formed in flat panels
  • Fork pockets set in base
  • Window frames with steel shutters
  • Steel personnel doors with built in locking mechanism
  • Hoglift lifting system
Internal construction
  • Lined and Insulated in GRP, panels with block insulation inserts
  • 2mm Vinyl sheet
  • Length 8200mm
  • Width 2755mm
  • Net Weight 4900kg
    (Note: Unit should be drained of water prior to lifting.)
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HSE Regulations
Safety working regulations

The SWO7600 Fusion complies with Health and Safety regulations which guarantees certain facilities for contractors working on site.

These include sanitary conveniences, washing facilities, access to drinking water, accommodation for drying and changing clothes, and an area for rest and eating.

GenQuip welfare units are supplied with a current electrical installation test certificate.